Rural Development

Vitalideas, with the collaboration one of its vital partner Surtrek Tour Operator and the German Development Service (DED), is carrying out a project of:

rural development

Background Information

Agricultural activities are the most important source of incomes for the inhabitants of the little community of Cajabamba II. In this area, agriculture is mainly based on monoculture of “papa china”, “yuca” (manioc), “naranjilla” and other local products as well as cattle farming.

This project aims to improve productive capacities in the community, encouraging diversification in agricultural production and focusing on organic production to reach environmental awareness and better living conditions in Cajabamba II.

Vitalideas has first conducted a market study to analyze the request and ensure that organic products can be sold to hotels and restaurants in the surrounding community. (In this study, 100% of local tourism companies have expressed the need for a supply of fruit and vegetables for their structures and plan to buy vegetables in the community and so contribute to local development.)

This project will improve the living conditions of the community and will also strengthen cooperation between community members and Surtrek – who will buy local and good quality products for tourists coming to Cajabamba II. Likewise, it will contribute to preserve the environment and will create a new activity in agro-tourism with the contribution of all community members.

Thus, a greenhouse of 1,300 m2 has been built (the first component of this magnitude in the canton of Santa Clara)




The first crop of vegetables started in February 2010. See the project's progress on the news page...

Cajabamba II faces various waste and contamination issues that can be reduced through such sustainable rural development projects. The production of organic fertilizer and the use of new environmental friendly methods of agriculture together with capacity building trainings in waste management and organic production will contribute to improve the environmental situation of the community.

preparation of compost :


Specific objectives of the cooperation between Vitalideas, Surtrek, DED and Cajabamba II.

Create infrastructure and local capacities in the community of Cajabamba II that are needed to cultivate organic fruits and vegetables in a green house, to produce most essential consumables (like organic fertilizer) and offer a service of agro-tourism.

Socio-economic and environmental expected benefits

This project will improve farmers’ capacities in the niche of organic agriculture. This will allow them to get additional incomes by selling organic products and natural fertilizers as well as to consume healthier products. Besides reducing the use of chemical products in agriculture practices, additional environmental benefits will be obtained through environmental education trainings.

We believe that these benefits will have positive impacts for the inhabitants of Cajabamba II:

  • Additional sources of incomes lead to greater family incomes;
  • Nutrition improvements lead to better health;
  • Development of community administrative capacities and organizational strengthening will encourage them and their natural environment to undertake other community projects and obtain the support needed.

Project Implementation

In order to implement the cooperation objectives, following areas of activities will be carried out:

  • Construction of a green house;invernadero2
  • Technical trainings (Organic production, creation of natural fertilizers), administration support (accounting) and respective consultancy;

  • Support in organizational strengthening.

Since April 2009, Vitalideas is planning all the activities together with the community, Surtrek and the DED. The project will last 12 months (technically – it aims to be sustainable on a long-term basis) from July 2009.

Vitalideas committed to continue support after the end of current funding to support the community over the long term, depending on their needs for sustainable results.

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