Patrice Texier
Project coordinator


Patrice is French, from the South East of France (Fergus). He holds a degree in environmental engineering with a specialization in ecology engineering.
After an experience as an environmental consultant for the Marine Firemen of Marseille, he spent a year in ecotourism as a naturalist guide in Provence. Then he began a career of 11 years as head of the management of a protected natural reserve (conservatoire du littoral) and developer of environment and sustainable development projects for local administration.

This multidisciplinary career has enabled Patrice to develop projects with partners from different fields: scientific, social, solidarity economy, education, tourism, events ...

Patrice is involved in the implementation of a development that take in account the social, economic and environmental problems because all the issues are linked and we must face it simultaneously.

You can communicate with Patrice in Spanish, French and English.

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