A particular case presently conducted by Vitalideas :

The Community of Cajabamba II

As mentioned on page ethical tourism, Vitalideas works with SURTREK tour operator on its Eco-responsibility and the reduction of environmental impacts of tourism activities.

A project to conserve biodiversity is expected to Cajabamba II with SURTREK, according to several axis:

Surtrek currently owns, in addition to the lodge for the reception of customers, two sites which one is composed of secondary forest, and the other of primary forest.

Vitalideas and SURTREK are currently committed to implement a program of protection and ecological improvement of these sites.

- Accession of land to Socio Bosque:
The goal is to affiliate the field of primary forest in the program of the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador Sociobosque. It will be thus be protected for a minimum of 20 years.

- Reforestation:
The objective is to improve biodiversity on the land covered by secondary forest, by replanting native species and restoring primary forest.

- Acquisition of land:
Beyond the operation on the Surtrek grounds, Vitalideas is seeking to acquire an adjoining land separating the two previous to create a forest unit. Indeed, the two fields of Surtrek are separated by tertiary forest land, where the owner operated until recently livestock activities. The land is now mostly covered with sugar cane. Vitalideas therefore wishes to ensure the establishment of a global biodiversity management on these three sites by allowing the creation of a space unit, with a total area of 140 ha. This land will thus be involved in a reforestation program in order to conserve biodiversity.


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