Flor María Gaona
Vitalideas Manager


Flor Maria Gaona, 30 years old - Vitalideas Manager

Flor María Gaona was born in San Antonio de Las Aradas, a little community in the province of Loja, Ecuador near the border to Peru. She has an accounting degree and holds a BA in Economics. She has worked for international private companies and non-governmental organizations in community development projects, marketing and international sales. She gained extensive intercultural understanding whilst working in educational programs outside Ecuador as well as during intensive travelling in Latin America, the United States and Europe.
In her free time she stays in active contact with her home community supporting local projects like the coffee farm cooperative formed by about 60 local families.
Flor Maria is in a fair trade cooperative in the city of Quito "Green Pumpkin" because he believes that each of us is the shapers of our future.

You can communicate with Flor María in Spanish and English.


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