Community Development Programs

Vitalideas is committed to develop projects that improve the situation of rural communities and support them in becoming self-sufficient, while preserving local cultures and interests of the residents without harming the ecosystem. Collaboration with various institutions, NGOs, private companies and tour operators who wish to be socially responsible can also concretize our long-term projects.


All our projects are carried out following participatory methods of development so that community members can express their views, create projects and make decisions in each of its stages. Vitalideas works to make people deciding of their future and becoming the main actors of their own development.


Vitalideas evaluates necessities, strengths and capacities in rural communities to support appropriate development projects adapted to local reality, considering the socio-cultural, economical and environmental context of each community. By listening to community voices, Vitalideas believes that we can reach sustainable changes.

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