Biodiversity of Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse country on Earth with one of the major quantities of species of animals and plants per km2.

plant Almost 20,000 species.
birds Over 1,500 species.
Ecuador houses 124 species of hummingbirds,
11 of the 121 areas with greater importance to preserve birds in the world are in Ecuador.
reptiles More than 840 species.
mammals 341 species.
trees Number of native tree species: 1,000.
Critically endangered: 240.
Endangered: 669.
Vulnerable: 923.
second Most diverse country in endemic vertebrates per unity of territory.
third Country with the greatest diversity of amphibians in the world.
fourth Most diverse country in birds (17% of world species can be found in Ecuador).
fifth Most diverse country in butterflies Papilionidae in the world.

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