The realization of projects from the carbon offsetting could not be carried out without the input of carbon credits financing.
This principle is called "additionality":

Faces economic realities, possibilities of "fast exploitation" for communities may be more attractive (selling wood to local companies, agriculture or livestock). Although the Ecuadorian government tries to curb abuses by soliciting an operating license (not necessarily granted), deforestation remains present.

Moreover, in the context of CO2 offset projects, because of the length of time of the growth of trees before reaching maturity and therefore at the stage of productivity, communities could hardly agree to commit themselves without financial support in the work of planting and maintenance over several years without income.

Financial support and training are essential for the viability of projects. This support comes from carbon offsets credits. (See link: Who can offset?

Without this funding, there would be no reduction of emissions of greenhouse gas emissions compared to activities that should have been conducted in the absence of compensation. A project that meets these conditions is described as "additional". The projects proposed by Vitalideas fulfill this condition.

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